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The Next Best Thing

Lombok is the next best thing. It is still pure, with extraordinary nature, world-famous surf waves, vibrant local culture, and so much more.

And, most importantly, it is very appealing to invest in Lombok. With reasonably low land prices, acquiring land is still affordable.

Construction in Lombok is as easy as anywhere else. Indonesia offers an abundant variety of local building materials. And many local architects and contractors deliver high-quality services.

However, for many foreign investors, it can be overwhelming and feel tricky to supervise a construction project. Because you are living and working far from your project, or you don't have construction experience. This is where Synergy Lombok comes into the picture.

The Bridge

As an independent party, Synergy Lombok can assist throughout the construction process, offering the following services during 3 phases of the project:

  1. Before construction works start
  2. During construction works
  3. After construction works are finished

1. Before construction works start

In the preparation phase we can assist with:

Search for land: contact with real estate companies or local sellers, check location, set up picture reports, etc.

Set up the budget: from acquisition of the land to finishing the construction

Set up a business plan

Contact a notary: due diligence, set up a PMA (local company), etc.

Contact a lawyer or an agent: visa, KITAS, etc.

Contact topographer

Contact a company for soil-test / geological survey

Contact an architect: drawings, structural calculations, application of the IMB (building permit), etc.

Search for a general contractor

Search for other contractors: interior design, landscaping, drilling of a water-well, etc.

Negotiate with all parties: check calculations, check time-schedule, price negotiation, etc.

Choice of all materials: construction, finishing, etc.

Search for an accountant

2. During construction works

When the site is running we can provide the following services:

Regular site-visits

Regular progress-reports

Follow up the time-schedule

Follow up the choice / purchase of materials (linked to the time-schedule)

Quality control

Attend site-meetings / construction-meetings

Organize communication between you and all other parties involved

Organize communication between all parties involved in the project: architect – general contractor / general contractor – landscaper / etc.

Keep direct contact with the architect and assure the right intermediation between architect and contractors

Assist in finding answers to questions / solutions for problems

3. After construction works are finished

We can provide assistance with:

Graphic design: logo, house-style, etc.

Hosting of the website

Creation of website and email address(es)

Creation of online media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, etc.

Design of document templates

Business card design and print

Stamp design and manufacturing

Set up of a marketing plan: publicity, prospection, etc.

In other words, Synergy Lombok acts as “the bridge” between you and all other parties involved with your construction project in Lombok. We focus our services around the south of Lombok, due to being located there.

The principal language for communication is English; partly also possible in Dutch, French, Italian, and Indonesian.

Your Peace of Mind

If you are an investor constructing in Lombok, you can hire our services to have real eyes and ears on-site. To keep everything running swimmingly, while you mind your business.

Other parties involved with construction in Lombok, like architects and general contractors, can hire us as well, to offer this as an invaluable extra service to your clients.

Synergy Lombok will help any party to run the project in the smoothest possible way, and provide you with the vital peace of mind.


Synergy Lombok will connect all separate parts into one flawless harmony, allowing you to get more out of it than the mere sum of the components. We will assist you in realizing your project with confidence and everything running smoothly like a freshly oiled door hinge.

We can tell you, particularly for your project, what Synergy Lombok will mean to you. Fill in the contact form, and we will get back to you shortly.